A citizen is fined for cutting down 21 birch trees in Kashkadarya



A citizen in the Kitab district of the Kashkadarya region has been fined for illegally cutting down 21 pine trees, as reported by the press service of the Regional Ecology Department.

An environmental control event, conducted in collaboration with Kitab district inspectors and National Guard employees of the Department of Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Climate Change of Kashkadarya Region, revealed that the trees were cut without proper permits from the farm area.

The damage caused to the environment in this incident is estimated at 180 million 840 thousand soums. The collected documents have been submitted to the district prosecutor's office for further action.

For context, Uzbekistan recorded 2427 cases of illegal tree cutting from January to September, involving the unauthorized felling of 714 bushels of valuable trees.

It is worth noting that the "Darkhan" scientific experimental station (Dendropark) in the Tashkent district of the Tashkent region has previously experienced numerous cases of tree destruction and violations of land allocation and use rules. The prosecutor's office has initiated a criminal case under articles 198 (damage or destruction of fields, forests, trees, or other plants) and 205 (abuse of power or position) of the Criminal Code, and the investigation is currently underway.


Qashqadaryo Kitob daraxtkushlik qayrag'och

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