Many residents of the Tashkent region were left without electricity and gas during the extreme cold



Yesterday, on the evening of 11 January, problems arose in gas pipelines in several districts of the Tashkent region.

In particular, in the gas pipelines passing through the neighborhood citizen’s gatherings of "Qo’rg’on", "Shirin", "Ilg’or", "Xos" and "Taqachi" in Bekobad district, issues occurred, and the gas supply in these areas was temporarily stopped.

In addition, at 10:30 p.m., the gas supply was cut off due to an accident in "Zafar" town, in the neighborhood citizen’s gatherings of "O’zbekiston", "Ulug'bek", "Dehqonobod", "Dalvarzin", "Avangard" and "Oybek".

In total, 16,000 households in 40 neighborhood citizen’s gatherings of the Bekobod district were temporarily cut off from the natural gas supply.

Emergency teams were formed to eliminate accidents and repair work was carried out in the evening itself.

Bekobod district governor F. Khudoyberdiyev and sector leaders took control of the situation.

"Dear Bekobod residents! "Xos" accident elimination work can be completed within 2 hours.  However, the gas supply will not be restored.  The reason is that there was an accident in "Taqachi" as well.  Employees of "Bekobodgaztaminoti" (Bekobod gas supply) resolved the accident in "Xos" and went to the "Taqachi" neighborhood.  It is said that it will take 4-5 hours to repair the problem in "Taqachi."  After that, the gas supply will be restored in "Xos", "Taqachi" and other regions," - the local Telegram channel said.

Citizens are also urged to be aware of gas leaks after the gas supply is re-connected.

Also, a gas leak (accident) occurred as a result of the rupture of a high-pressure gas pipeline directed to the neighborhood citizen’s gatherings of "Xalqobod", "Hamzaobod", "Navbahor", "Madaniyat", "Hosildor" in the Akkorgan district of Tashkent region.  As a result, the natural gas supply was temporarily stopped in 2,680 households at the address indicated above.

"Currently, special brigades are working to eliminate these malfunctions.  Repair works will be completed in a short time (1-1.5 hours)  We apologize to consumers for the inconvenience caused," - the Ministry of Energy said in a statement.

After the gas was cut off in these areas on 11 January, although it was said that the gas supply would be restored in 2 hours, according to the appeals received by the residents of Bekobad district today, 12 January, to QALAMPIR.UZ, the district's the neighborhood citizen’s gatherings of "O’zbekobod", "Terakzor", "Hamza", "Kushchi", "Oktepa are still without gas in the neighborhoods.

In addition, there are problems with the electricity supply in these neighborhoods. Residents have complained that it is impossible to heat their apartments because the electricity is turned off.

According to the Ministry of Energy, there was also a malfunction in the gas network in Kuyichirchik district.  As a result, in 910 apartments in neighborhood citizen’s gatherings of "Paxtaobod", "Mevazor", "Jumagul", "Baliqchi", "Yulduz", "Xojakent", "Gul", "Do’stlik-1", "Toqboy", natural gas supply has been temporarily stopped in 4,000 households.


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