Our primary objective is to secure a spot in the Olympic Games, as emphasized by Ravshan Ermatov




On January 22, the Uzbekistan national women's team commenced training sessions in Tashkent. In the upcoming 3rd qualifying round of the Asian region for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Midori Honda's team is set to face the Australian national team in two matches in February.

During discussions with head coach Midori Honda, Ravshan Ermatov, the first vice-president of the Football Association of Uzbekistan, addressed the current situation and player opportunities. He emphasized the significance of the women's national team's task and assured that the Uzbekistan Football Association would provide all necessary conditions.

Ermatov conveyed, "Our primary aim is Olympic qualification. Adequate preparation is crucial. You possess the strength to overcome Australia. The team has demonstrated its capabilities in previous encounters. Let's concentrate all efforts on these matches. The entire Uzbekistan places trust and hope in you. You serve as an inspiration to many young girls in sports. It's time to make history."

For your information, the matches between the Uzbekistan women's national team and Australia are scheduled for February 24 and 28.


Ravshan Ermatov Olimpiya o'yinlari O'zbekiston ayollar milliy terma jamoasi

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