Nexia tire burst, resulting in 3 casualties in Bukhara



A traffic accident in the Jondor district of Bukhara region resulted in the deaths of three people. This information was included in an order from the district governor dated May 27, which focuses on addressing the aftermath of the incident and preventing future occurrences.

The accident happened on April 30 at approximately 07:00 on the 305th kilometer of the A-380 highway within the district. The driver was operating a Nexia car on the Khorezm-Bukhara route when one of the tires burst.

As a result, three individuals lost their lives, and two others were injured and subsequently hospitalized.

The document also tasks the district emergency department with implementing systematic measures to ensure road traffic safety in the area affected by the incident.

Previously, a Nexia-3 was involved in a fiery collision involving three cars in Termiz.


Buxoro Nexia halok bo'ldi

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