4 people raped a woman in Bukhara



The Bukhara Department of Internal Affairs reported that three women and one man entered the house of a woman in the "Tutkunda" neighbourhood of Kogon district, with whom they had previously had a disagreement and made her a "samosud."

They resolved the disagreement by taking her into the bedroom and cutting her hair off.  They also threatened to record a video of the "samosud" process on a phone and upload it to the internet. 

According to forensic examination, the woman suffered minor injuries.  Members of the criminal group were arrested during a quick operation.  In connection with this situation, a criminal case has been initiated under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code.  A preliminary investigation is currently underway.

It should be recalled that earlier in Surkhandarya, another woman was "samosud" by several women.


Buxoro samosud Kogon

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