Strong ultraviolet radiation may occur in Tashkent today



Today, 3rd May, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation index is forecast to be 10 on a 12-point scale in the capital city of Tashkent.  Erkin Abdulahadov, climatologist, and the leading expert of uzhydromet, reported on this.

It is worth noting that this level of sun radiation is dangerous, and not typical of the season.  These levels may be happening following the strong solar flares on 30th April of this year.

Climatologist Erkin Abdulahatov suggests that in the past, ultraviolet rays from the ozone layer may have penetrated without any barriers.  He also recommends taking precautions such as wearing protective hats when exposed to direct sunlight.  


Toshkent ul'trabinafsha prognoz

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