Journalist who covered the trial of “Bakhti Tashkentsky” was summoned to the MIA



On June 3, a court session was held regarding Bakhtiyor Qudratullayev, known as "Bakhti Tashkentsky," and 36 other individuals accused of crimes in Uzbekistan. During the session, Qudratullayev denied all charges. Otabek Qoldoshev, a journalist from "Daryo," who reported on the trial, was summoned to the Yunusobod District’s DIA's Coordinating Activities Department No. 3,  No. 405 in Tashkent. The presiding judge, Tolibjon Obidov, filed a complaint against the journalist.

"Daryo" reported that on June 22, journalist Otabek KQldoshev submitted an explanatory letter. Lieutenant-Colonel Khayrulla Dostov, a senior prevention inspector, informed Qoldoshev that he was a suspect for covering the court session's information on June 3. This submission was made by the chairman of the Shayhontohur District Court, Tolibjon Obidov. However, Qoldoshev was not given a copy of the complaint when summoned as a suspect.

“On June 21, a DIA officer began searching for the "Daryo" journalist. Despite the news being published on the "Daryo" website, the responsibility lies with the site, not the journalist. On June 22, Koldoshev was summoned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and wrote an explanatory letter without seeing the complaint against him,” the report stated. 

According to the source, Qoldoshev questioned, "What did I do wrong?" The prevention inspector responded, "Because you filmed the court session and distributed it on social networks." DIA officials also noted that the journalist's information was published in foreign media.


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