Father-in-Law pays the fines of his son-in-law in Andijan



In the Andijan region, a father-in-law covered all the fines incurred by his son-in-law, according to the regional Department of Compulsory Enforcement.

M.A., a resident of Andijan, frequently exceeded the speed limit while driving a Lacetti owned by her husband, leading to 68 administrative violations.

The Andijan City Department of the Enforcement Bureau, following the decisions on fines issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, determined that M.A. owed a total of 28 million soums. The owner of the vehicle was also warned to pay the fines. Due to the unpaid debt, the Lacetti was impounded.

The father-in-law of M.A. announced that he would pay the 28 million soums in fines on behalf of his son-in-law, allowing the car owned by his daughter to be released from the penalty area.


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