The United States will lift restrictions on cotton from Uzbekistan



The US Department of Labor in its report («TDA Report») for the first time since 2011 included Uzbekistan in the best category of «significant progress» on the effectiveness of efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor.

It was emphasized that this has been achieved through a State policy of counteracting forced and child labor, as well as strengthening criminal liability in this area in full compliance with international standards.

«Uzbekistan is becoming an exemplary country that can achieve impressive development in a short period», said Marcia Eugenio, head of the Department for Child and Forced Labour of the US Ministry of Labor.

In addition, taking into account the achievements of Uzbekistan, the US Labor Ministry announced that cotton produced in the country will be excluded from the «List of products produced with the use of child and forced labor»  This decision will remove official restrictions on the import of cotton and cotton products produced in Uzbekistan, the USA, thus opening up new opportunities for exports of textile products.

Recall that in March this year the coalition «Cotton Campaign» cancelled the boycott of Uzbek cotton.  The boycott was introduced in 2009 due to the regular use of child and forced labor in cotton harvesting.  This seriously undermines the cost of Uzbek cotton on the international market.



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