The Ministry of Justice reacted to the unjustified increase in rents for apartments



Recently, the number of citizens visiting Uzbekistan from abroad has increased dramatically.  At the same time, some Uzbeks forcibly evict tenants from previously rented apartments or unjustifiably inflate the price in order to earn more income by renting out housing.

The Ministry of Justice explained the increase in the rent of houses in the capital and other cities.

It is noted that the lease of housing must be concluded in writing, and the contract must be put on the state register by the tax authorities.  It is the leaser’s obligation to register the contract with the State and this must be done within 3 days after the conclusion of the contract.  If the leaser does not take into account the contract with the State Tax Service, they will be fined from 5 times (from 1 million 500 thousand som) to 10 times (up to 3 million som) the size of BHM.

Lease agreement term

The rental contract is concluded for no more than 5 years.  If the term is not specified in the contract, it is considered to be concluded for 5 years.  The leasee has the right to conclude a contract for a new term.
Rent payment

The amount of the rent is determined by the agreement between the leaser and the leasee.  The amount of the rent cannot be changed unilaterally.  The rent must be paid within the terms specified in the contract.

Termination of contract

The lease is terminated by the agreement of the parties.  Termination of the lease at the request of the leaser is carried out only in court on certain grounds.

Such grounds shall include:

  • if rent has not been paid more than 2 times after six months or short-term lease;
  • if the accommodation is destroyed or damaged;
  • if the dwelling has been used for illegal purposes.

If the tenant misuses the dwelling or violates the rights and interests of neighbors, the leaser may warn the leasee to stop the infringement.

If the leasee continues to violate the rules even after receiving a warning, the leaser has the right to terminate the contract in court.

According to the above, it is not allowed to change the terms of the treaty unilaterally.

The violated rights can be restored by filing with civil courts for wrongful requests for eviction or overpayment by leasers.

You can apply to the justice authorities and the non-governmental, non-profit organization "Madad" and its regional offices (+99871 256 52 53, for practical assistance in filing documents, including a complaint.  Justice helps the files!


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