Individuals trying to smuggle 1.4 kg of gold out of Uzbekistan were caught



Individuals attempting to smuggle 1.4 kg of gold out of Uzbekistan were apprehended by the authorities. The State Security Service reported their arrest.

Four individuals, born in 1985, 1997, and 2000 and residing in Andijan city and Andijan district, were intercepted at the "Dostlik" border-customs post while trying to transport gold items, such as chains, tooth molds, and crowbars, concealed within their clothing, en route to Kyrgyzstan.

The expert analysis determined that the seized gold items and alloys, with a purity level of 997, amounted to a total weight of 556 grams, valued at 474,256,000 soums.

In a separate incident, a woman from the Izboskan district, born in 1983, was halted at the "Madaniyat" border customs post while departing Kyrgyzstan and subjected to a personal inspection, revealing concealed gold items—a chain and a crowbar—not declared in her customs documentation. These items, totaling 568 grams with a purity level of 992, were formalized as evidence, valued at 431,894,000 soums according to expert evaluation.

Additionally, her accomplice, a woman from Namangan district, born in 1983, was apprehended while illegally exporting chains and non-standard bullion, totaling 249,240,000 soums, with a purity level of 992 and a net weight of 271 grams.

The smugglers' intended destination for the gold items was Turkey via Kyrgyzstan.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against these individuals under Article 182, Part 2, Clause "a" of the Criminal Code, and investigations are ongoing.


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