How much potable water was lost due to the pipeline burst in Yunusobod?



Earlier, in the Yunusobod district of Tashkent city, the streets were flooded due to the failure of the large water conduit network.

As a result, 80,000 to 85,000 cubic meters of drinking water were lost. Asiljon Muhiddinov, head of the department of "Uzsuvta'minot" JSC, reported this yesterday, July 9, at a press conference held at the Information and Mass Communications Agency.

He said that the malfunction was due to the fact that the water pipelines laid between 1970 and 1975 were repaired recently, resulting in excess pressure in the network. According to preliminary estimates, 80,000 to 85,000 cubic meters of drinking water were lost during the malfunction. This amount constitutes 3.2 percent of the drinking water supplied to Tashkent city in one day.

According to Khurshid Rahmatullayev, the deputy chairman of the board of "Uzsuvta'minot" JSC, the accident occurred in the part of the pipe with a diameter of 1,200 millimeters connected to a pipe with a diameter of 800 millimeters.

"The loss of drinking water in this incident is not charged to the residents or consumers in that area. Technical losses are anticipated. If losses exceed 17 percent during the year, our organization, the pipeline owner, is considered at fault, and the loss is compensated as a natural loss. This does not affect consumers at all," said the deputy chairman of the society.


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