The addendum is added to the traffic rules on scooters and electric motorcycles



Amendments and additions are being made to the traffic rules regarding electronic scooters and other individual means of transportation. In this regard, the government's relevant draft law has been put up for discussion.

Starting from January 1, 2024, motor vehicles with an engine capacity of 25 cubic centimeters or more, or a design speed of 25 kilometers per hour or more, an electric motor with a power of 0.25 kW or more, or vehicles capable of speeds exceeding 25 kilometers per hour, such as electric motorcycles and electric scooters, are subject to state registration. Only individuals with a driver's license of the appropriate category are allowed to operate state-registered vehicles.

Furthermore, the draft defines the concepts of "scooter" and "individual mobility devices" and specifies the vehicle types they belong to:

•    Hybrid car: A vehicle that operates using both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor charged through an external power source.
•    Scooter: A mechanically constructed vehicle with an electric motor that has a speed exceeding 25 kilometers per hour, an engine capacity greater than 25 cm³ (in the case of an internal combustion engine), and a nominal (specified) power exceeding 0.25 kilowatts but less than 4 kilowatts.
•    Moped: A vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine, with a maximum design speed not exceeding 50 kilometers per hour and a working volume not exceeding 50 cm³. Quadricycles, tricycles, and other mechanical devices with similar characteristics are also considered mopeds.
•    "Individual Mobility Devices" (IMD): Vehicles consisting of one or more wheels (rollers) designed for individual transportation powered by engines (motors). This category includes electric scooters, electric skateboards, Segways, unicycles, and other similar vehicles.


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