Land plots in New Tashkent will be put up for auction



Land plots in the city of New Tashkent are sold or leased through “E-auction”.  This is provided for in the decision “On measures to establish the new city of Tashkent” adopted by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on July 20.

According to the decision, under the Cabinet of Ministers, the Directorate for the establishment of the New Tashkent city will be established as a state institution.

Accordingly, the position of Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Economy – Director of the New Tashkent City Construction Directorate will be introduced.

Land plots for the implementation of entrepreneurship and urban development activities, including the construction of multi-apartment houses, production, trade and service facilities, are sold or leased at auctions through the electronic platform “E-auction” in accordance with the decision of the coordinating council.

According to the decision, until January 1, 2027, the directorate, investors, main project and general contracting organizations will be exempted from paying customs duty for construction machinery, equipment, components, spare parts that are not produced in Uzbekistan and are imported.

For information, a total of 19,729.4 hectares of land is being allocated from the Upper Chirchik and Orta Chirchik districts of the Tashkent region in order to build the New Tashkent city.  Of this, 12,905.7 hectares are agricultural land and 6,823.7 hectares belong to other land categories.


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