During the upcoming week, temperatures are expected to plummet to as low as -20 degrees Celsius in certain regions of Uzbekistan



Between December 11-12, heavy snowfall is predicted in mountainous areas of the republic, according to Uzgidromet. From Wednesday to Friday, dry weather is anticipated across all regions of Uzbekistan.

From December 11-13, temperatures will drop further, reaching lows of -8/-13 degrees at night and -3/-8 degrees during the day. Nighttime temperatures might dip to -15/-20 degrees, while daytime temperatures could be -7/-12 degrees. However, the southern regions may experience less drastic declines, hovering around -2/-7 degrees at night.

Expect slippery roads in certain areas from December 11-13. By December 14-15, a cold air mass will start to retreat from Uzbekistan's territory. Towards the week's end, nighttime temperatures are expected to hover around 0/-5 degrees, with daytime temperatures ranging between 2-7 degrees, except for the north where nights could still be as cold as -7/-12 degrees and days around 0/-5 degrees.

Fog may develop in some parts of the country, accompanied by winds reaching speeds of 17-22 m/s in certain areas.

In the capital, intermittent precipitation (rain turning into snow) is expected on December 11-12, with no precipitation forecasted from December 13-15. Fog might occur during the nights and mornings. Wind speeds might occasionally increase to 12-15 m/s on December 11-12, leading to icy roads from December 12-15.

Temperature-wise, expect a high of 3-5 degrees on December 11, dropping to lows of -5/-7 degrees both day and night on December 12. Nighttime temperatures of -11/-13 degrees are expected on December 13, with daytime temperatures remaining cold at -5/-7 degrees. By December 14-15, temperatures are projected to gradually rise to -2/-5 degrees at night and 2-5 degrees during the day.


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