Does the government allow the demolition of the house in Yakkasaray?



Yesterday, on October 26, news spread on social networks that the Yakkasaray district government and Tashkent city government gave permission to demolish house 22 on Shota Rustaveli street. The Yakkasaray district administration made an official response to this situation. According to reports, the house located to the right of the "Ocean" store will be demolished, and a new building will be built in its place. 

"This house is not included in the list of cultural heritage, but experts have repeatedly requested the government to include the entire ensemble of buildings along Rustaveli Street, including this house, in the lists," said a message on social media. 

But according to the official statement, the Yakkasaray district administration does not have any valid documents on this situation. 

Also, the mayor's office stated that no demolition work is being carried out at this address. We remind you that earlier, according to the project of the document developed by the administration of the Tashkent region, it was said that the multi-apartment houses in the Tashkent region that are in a state of disrepair and that are old in meaning will be demolished.


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