The number of deputy heads of ministries has decreased to 63



Today, 25 January, the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PF-14 "On the first organizational measures to effectively establish the activities of the executive authorities of the Republic" was signed.

According to the decree, a total of 17,447 management and production staff units financed from budget and non-budget funds are being reduced in ministries and agencies.  Including, the number of deputy heads of ministries and departments will be reduced from 207 to 144 (-63) or by 30%.

According to the document, the number of independent ministries and agencies subordinated to the government was set at 26. Together with all the committees, agencies, and inspections included in them, there are a total of 69, including:

ministries - 21;    
committees - 12, of which 2 have independent status;
agencies - 25, of which 3 have independent status;
inspections - 11.


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