Gasoline production in Uzbekistan has increased



The volume of gasoline production in Uzbekistan increased from January-March.  Also, the Statistics Agency published information on how many tons of coal, oil and gas condensate were produced.

It was reported that between January-March 2023, 385,500 tons of automobile gasoline were produced in Uzbekistan.  The production volume of automobile gasoline increased by 33.5 percent compared to the corresponding period of 2022.

The volume of production of certain types of industrial products from January-March 2023:

Car gasoline – 385.5 thousand tons;
Coal – 989.1 thousand tons;
Oil – 195.5 thousand tons;
Gas condensate – 319.5 thousand tons;
Bus – 200 units;
Trucks – 557 units;
Car engines – 44,200 units,
Passenger cars (except special passenger cars) – 50,018 units were produced.


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