More than 4,000 tons of low-quality gasoline were sold in Uzbekistan



It has come to light that a significant quantity of gasoline, which fails to meet demand, is being sold throughout Uzbekistan. This information was reported by the information service of JSC "Uzbekneftgaz."

Based on studies conducted by employees of "Uzenergoinspectsia" in response to this year's received appeals, it was determined that the quality of gasoline stored in the oil bases of Kuchlik (73.2 tons), Navoi (38.7 tons), Urganch (2,072 thousand tons), and Bukhara (1.86 thousand tons) does not meet the requirements of the state standard. Inspections of the oil depots in these regions revealed that the levels of resin (tar) and sulfur (sera) in gasoline exceed the standard, and in the case of "Navoiy Neft Base" LLC, the octane number falls below the standard. The total amount of identified low-quality products was 4,044 thousand tons.

Furthermore, as per the report, the substandard oil products found in the Kuchlik (73.2 tons) and Navoi (38.7 tons) oil bases were rectified in accordance with relevant norms and subsequently provided to consumers in a high-quality state. Following this, no complaints were lodged by consumers regarding the quality of the oil products.

A total of 587.0 tons of subpar gasoline was detected in "Urganch Neft Base" LLC and its Shavat and Khanka branches (2,072 thousand tons), along with 323 tons of substandard petroleum products found in "Bukhara Neft Base" LLC and its Karakol branch (1.86 thousand tons). As per the mandatory instructions from "Uzenergoinspeksiya," measures were taken to restore the quality, and the products were subsequently delivered to consumers. There were no consumer complaints concerning these products either. The ongoing efforts to restore the quality of 1,485,000 tons of gasoline were also highlighted in the report.

Additionally, work is currently underway to restore the quality of 1,537,000 tons of gasoline. It is anticipated that a legal assessment will be carried out regarding the actions of four managers and four employees who allowed the compromise of oil product quality.

We'd like to remind you that the ruling government of Afghanistan, the "Taliban," evaluated the oil in 67 tankers sent from Uzbekistan as being of low quality and subsequently returned it. "Uzbekneftgaz" refuted these claims by the "Taliban" and affirmed the good quality of the oil.



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