Uzbekistan shows interest in investing Afghanistan's oil and gas sector - media reports



Prominent companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan have expressed interest in investing in Afghanistan's oil and gas fields. According to "TOLOnews," this information comes from the Ministry of Mines and Oil under the "Taliban" interim government.

"The interest of Central Asian companies in Afghanistan's oil and gas sector has increased significantly. We recently held a meeting with Uzbek companies. The ministry has announced that it will invest in several oil and gas fields, including those near Herat," said Humoyun Afghan, a representative of the ministry.

"Bakhtan News" reports that an Uzbek company has shown interest in hydrocarbons in Afghanistan. Deputy Minister of Mines and Oil Zia-ur-Rahman al-Aryubi recently met with company representatives to explore potential collaboration.

Economic expert Abdul Nasir Rashtiya noted that during a recent visit by a delegation from Uzbekistan to Kabul, the focus was on the exploration and extraction of oil, gas, and other minerals. He highlighted that investments from CIS countries in the oil and gas sector, along with regional cooperation, could significantly impact Afghanistan's economy.

Previously, Ilhom Mahkamov, Uzbekistan's Minister of Transport, visited Kabul. During this visit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the "Taliban" interim government announced that Uzbekistan plans to purchase over one million tons of coal from Afghanistan.





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