Russia aims to further increase the supply of oil to Uzbekistan




Russia aims to further increase the supply of oil to Uzbekistan. This intention was revealed by Denis Manturov, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Minister of Industry and Trade, during a meeting of the intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation between the two countries. The meeting also involved Deputy Prime Minister Jamshid Khojaev from Uzbekistan.

Manturov highlighted ongoing effective cooperation in the realm of standardization and metrology. Uzbekistan has compiled recommended lists of testing equipment for laboratory modernization and re-equipment, aiming to evaluate compliance with the requirements of 15 technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). He emphasized Russia's commitment to energy cooperation and expressed interest in exploring opportunities to enhance oil and oil product supply to Uzbekistan.

Moreover, Manturov expressed Russia's readiness to assist Uzbekistan in developing its mineral and raw material resources. Discussions are ongoing concerning cooperation in geology and subsoil utilization.

Manturov further pointed out the success of oil and gas exploration projects in the Aral Sea and adjacent regions. He noted that seismic exploration conducted in Uzbekistan has led to the discovery of significant gas deposits, marking a historic milestone in hydrocarbon exploration within the former Soviet Union.


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