Gas and electricity tariffs are set to increase until May



Uzbekistan is enacting tariff reforms in the oil, gas, and electricity sectors. As part of this initiative, a project will be developed by May 2024 to raise tariffs for electricity, natural gas, and liquefied gas to cover costs. This directive is outlined in the 2024 state program.

Furthermore, to support vulnerable populations, a "social norm" system will be implemented to determine electricity and gas prices.

The Ministry of Energy previously disclosed that electricity and gas have been supplied to households at prices below their cost, with an annual subsidy of approximately $1.15 billion allocated for this purpose.

For instance, an average household consuming 200 kWh of electricity monthly receives a subsidy of 135,000 soums per consumer, with a total of 7.4 million households benefiting from this subsidy nationwide. Similarly, a family using 750 cubic meters of gas during the heating season receives an average subsidy of 1,132,000 soums, with a total of 4.1 million gas-consuming households in the country.

The Ministry of Energy and the National Social Protection Agency are tasked with ensuring tariffs cover costs.

Previously, the Ministry of Energy indicated to QALAMPIR.UZ that electricity prices would only increase if the state could provide electricity to consumers, targeting a price range of 450-500 soums.

Current electricity prices per kWh are as follows:
- Residents: 295 soums
- Groups I and II consumers (Navoi KMK, Olmaliq KMK, "Uzmetkombinat" and associated enterprises, budget organizations, and pumping stations): 1000 soums
- Other legal entities (companies): 900 soums

Current natural gas prices per cubic meter are:
- Residents: 380 soums
- Navoi KMK, Olmaliq KMK, "Uzmetkombinat," and budget organizations: 1800 soums
- Other legal entities: 1500 soums.





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