14 stations are slated for launch in Uzbekistan



President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has directed the Ministry of Energy to expedite the construction of these stations scheduled for commissioning this year, according to reports from the President's press service.

The plan entails the launch of 11 solar plants, each with a capacity of 2 gigawatts, across various regions including Andijan, Bukhara, Jizzakh, Kashkadarya, Navoi, Namangan, Samarkand, Tashkent, and Fergana. Additionally, three wind farms with a combined capacity of 600 megawatts are planned for Bukhara and Navoi regions. The construction of these stations will involve the installation of 500 kilometers of high-voltage power lines, along with the expansion of five substations to accommodate the connection of new major stations to the network.

Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on expanding the installation of solar panels in localities to support the populace's adoption of renewable energy sources. An additional $50 million in resources has been earmarked for this purpose, with plans to engage in negotiations with foreign investors to secure an additional $100 million.

Incentives will also be introduced to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in solar energy capacities, aiming to boost their interest in adopting such technologies.





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