Can the national team of Uzbekistan end its unsuccessful situation in Tashkent?



Today, on June 20, the national teams of Uzbekistan and Iran will face each other in the final of “CAFA National Cup 2023”.

Until then, these national teams have played each other 11 times, and Iran won 9 of them, Uzbekistan won 1.  A draw was recorded in one match.

Persians scored 15 goals in mutual matches, while Uzbeks managed to score twice in Iran’s goal.  One own goal was recorded in favor of Uzbekistan on the account of the Tehran team.

It should be noted that in only one of the 6 matches held in Uzbekistan against Iran, the player of Uzbekistan managed to score a goal in the opponent’s goal.

The only remaining goal was scored by the current captain of the team, Eldor Shomurodov.

Also, one draw was recorded in the meeting held in Tashkent in 2009.  The national team of Uzbekistan defeated Iran only once in 2012 in Tehran, thanks to a goal scored by Ulugbek Bagayev.





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