Uzbekistan buys a record amount of wheat from Kazakhstan



According to the results of this year's grain season, Uzbekistan has imported a record amount of wheat from Kazakhstan, as reported by the "Trend" publication.

During the current period, Uzbekistan purchased 3.889 million tons of wheat, whereas in the last grain season, this figure was "only" 2.591 million tons. This means that Uzbekistan has acquired nearly half of Kazakhstan's wheat production.

In the previous season, Uzbekistan accounted for just 45 percent of grain imports, marking the highest level in the past five years.

In August of last year, Kazakhstan delivered 117.44 thousand tons of wheat to Uzbekistan, and this year, in August, that number surged to 277.15 thousand tons.

We would like to remind you that earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture had announced that Uzbekistan ranked 8th in the list of countries in terms of grain yield.





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