What actually occured at city clinical hospital No. 1 in Tashkent today, July 9?



Today, July 9, reports emerged of a structural crack and partial balcony collapse at City Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Tashkent. The QALAMPIR.UZ operational team responded to investigate.

Chief physician Sodiqjon Alimov reported that on July 8 at approximately 10:30 am, they discovered a cracked beam under the balcony on the second floor of the five-story building. This was communicated to DES personnel.

DES staff assessed the building and recommended seeking expert opinion. Meanwhile, some patients from the affected side of the building were relocated to the opposite side.

Sodiqjon Alimov stated, "Following the inspection, it was determined that the damage to the building is isolated to one balcony, necessitating the removal of its structures. Builders were contacted today regarding this matter. No patients were discharged, and there was no other damage to the building. It remains fully operational, so there is no cause for concern."


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