Public transport in Tashkent is set to receive an upgrade with the introduction of additional 200 electric buses



 In 2024, there are plans to significantly reduce the annual emission of harmful substances to 4.6 thousand tons by modernizing the Tashkent public transport system. This information was reported by UzA.

According to the provided details, the branches of "Toshshahartranskhizmat" JSC Bus Palace currently house 2,017 units of rolling stock.

Among these, 672 units run on diesel fuel (33 percent), 1,020 units on natural gas fuel (50 percent), and 324 units on electricity (17 percent).

Notably, in 2022-2023, 58.7% of newly purchased buses will operate on compressed natural gas, while 21.4% will run on electricity.

The emission of harmful substances by the rolling stock itself was 5.1 thousand tons in 2022, decreasing to 4.8 thousand tons in 2023. To further address environmental concerns, the plan for 2024-2030 includes the procurement of an additional 1,200 electric buses and the transition of buses to natural gas fuel.


Toshkent jamoat transporti elektrobus

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