Several individuals attempting to distribute roughly 20 kilograms of synthetic drugs were apprehended in Tashkent



During multiple swift operations in both Tashkent city and the surrounding region, approximately 20 kilograms of synthetic narcotics were seized, as per the State Security Service.

Upon inspecting the residence of a Tashkent region resident, authorities discovered sizable quantities of "Mephedrone," "Spice," and "Alfa-PVP" synthetic drugs, totaling 4.824 kilograms, 3.274 kilograms, and 2.130 kilograms, respectively, intended for sale.

These illicit substances were smuggled into Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan without undergoing customs scrutiny, with plans to distribute them in small quantities through online platforms.

In a separate incident, three individuals, two residing in Tashkent city and one in Tashkent region, were found in possession of 3.780 kilograms of "Mephedrone" in the Zangiota district of Tashkent region. The drugs were concealed within a vehicle's spare part originating from Russia and were intercepted with physical evidence.

The intention was to sell these narcotics online, dividing them into smaller portions for distribution.

Upon searching the temporary residence of a Syrdarya region native in Yangihayot district, Tashkent city, authorities uncovered 5.687 kilograms of potent "Pregabalin" imported from Russia.

The individual planned to stash these potent substances in concealed locations within Yangihayot and Sergeli districts and distribute them to customers via the Telegram messenger app.

Criminal cases have been initiated against the implicated individuals, who are currently subject to detention as a preventive measure.


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