A passenger of Nexia-3 dies because of a tree falling in Tashkent



A female passenger died when a tree fell on a Nexia-3 in the Yangihayot district of Tashkent city. This was reported on the "Millar" program.

It was reported that on November 12 of this year, a tree fell on the moving Nexia-3 in the Yangihayot district. As a result, the female passenger in the back seat of the car died.

The victim was immediately taken to the hospital by emergency medical personnel who arrived at the scene. Despite the treatment provided, she succumbed to her injuries. The girl was diagnosed with an open brain injury. The driver of the car survived.

According to an employee of the Yangihayot district administration, this situation occurred due to the softening and loosening of the soil under the tree as a result of last week's rainfall.

"The tragedy that happened is an accident because, during the inspection of the fallen tree, no signs of construction were found," the official statement said.


Toshkent daraxt halok bo'ldi Yangihayot yo'lovchi Nexia-3

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