A simulated court session occurred in the Tashkent region



Following the registration of a non-held trial as if it had taken place, action was taken against the judge responsible, prompting a reaction from the Supreme Council of Judges.

The judge from the Nurafshon inter-district administrative court in the Tashkent region purportedly recorded the non-held court session as having taken place and approved the relevant court document.

In response to this incident, a timely service inspection was conducted, and the judge was subject to disciplinary measures by the decision of the Tashkent region's judicial competence board.

Details regarding the incident, including the document received, the judge's identity, and the nature of the punishment, were not disclosed.

"The dissatisfied party retains the right to appeal to the High Qualification Board of Judges and the Supreme Council of Judges. The appeal will follow the established procedure," the report stated.





Toshkent viloyati soxta sud majlisi

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