794 tons of coal allocated to the population are looted in Tashkent region



In the Piskent district of the Tashkent region, a case of looting allocated coal intended for the population has been uncovered. The Department for Combating Economic Crimes under the General Prosecutor's Office reported this incident.

The investigation conducted by the Piskent District Department of the Prosecutor's Office is examining the proper implementation of coal sales, which should have been offered at preferential prices for the population's autumn-winter needs. This investigation was initiated prior to the current probe.

During the investigation, it was found that S.I., the head of the Tashkent region branch of "Ko’mir ta’minot" LLC, along with warehouse manager F.Kh. and others, had embezzled 794.2 tons of coal designated for sale to the population at preferential rates during the 2023-2024 autumn-winter season by issuing forged consignment notes.

Consequently, a criminal case has been filed under Article 167 (embezzlement or robbery by fraud) and Article 228 (preparation, forgery, sale, or use of documents, stamps, seals, blanks) of the Criminal Code. The investigation is ongoing.

Recalling previous incidents, it was reported that 362.3 million soums in the Andijan district of the Andijan region, 178.3 million soums in the Bulakbashi district, 421.7 million soums in the Jalakuduk district, 1007.9 tons in the Izboskan district, and 873 tons in the Pakhtaabad district were looted. Additionally, 623.7 tons of coal were taken in the Uchkurgan district of the Namangan region, 1,364.3 kilograms worth 413.8 million soums in the Buvayda district of the Fergana region, and 464.6 tons of coal in the Saykhunabad district of the Syrdarya region were also robbed while in transit.


Toshkent viloyati ko'mir talon-taroj Piskent tumani ko'mir ombori

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