Is the oil from Uzbekistan sent back by the Taliban due to poor quality?



Earlier, the National Standards Agency of the "Taliban" announced that it had sent back the oil from Uzbekistan in 67 tankers due to poor quality. "Uzbekneftgaz" rejected the claims of the "Taliban" and stated that the oil sent from Uzbekistan is of good quality. This was reported by the company's press service.

It is noted that on May 17 of this year, an offtake contract was signed between "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC and a Turkish company for the sale of synthetic diesel components for export. From June 24 to June 26, "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC delivered a total of 3.4 thousand tons (67 wagons) of products to the customer for export from the "Kengsoy" station in the Guzor district of the Kashkadarya region, based on the customer's application.

It is reported that the synthetic component for diesel fuel from the "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC plant is produced according to the European standard EN 15940, and among the countries of Central Asia, it is only produced in Uzbekistan based on the state standard "UzDSt 3134-2017". So far, this standard has not been introduced in Afghanistan.

During the export of the product, the buyer (Turkish company) was also informed that the synthetic diesel and its components were not registered with the ANSA (Afghan Standard Agency) organization of Afghanistan. The buyer stated that they plan to introduce the product to the Afghan market, blended with conventional diesel as a component.

According to the statement from "Uzbekneftgaz," payment for the 3.4 thousand tons (67 wagons) of high-quality products delivered to the customer has been made in full. The Afghan government did not return the product to "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC due to poor quality.

It is mentioned that, based on the terms of the contract, the buyer decides which country to take the product to and how to sell it.

JSC "Uzbekneftgaz" reminded that its products are constantly and systematically adjusted to both international and national standards.


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