Attention! Hospitals in Tashkent are filled with children


Yesterday, on November 23, the Ministry of Health made an important statement and announced that the SARS disease is spreading among children, resulting in an increased burden on children's clinical hospitals in the capital. After this news, panic spread across networks. So, is the situation really serious? Is SARS as dangerous and contagious as the coronavirus? And is there enough room for sick children in hospitals? We received answers to these questions from Muattar Abdullayeva, deputy head of the Health Department.

"Acute respiratory disease is common in Uzbekistan, like the rest of the world. This disease is seasonal, starting every year in autumn. It mainly affects children of all ages, pregnant women, and other segments of the population. Symptoms include a runny nose, throat redness, and a rise in temperature," says the expert.

Although SARS may feel like common flu, it differs from the symptoms of whooping cough, flu, colds, and COVID-19.

"The main symptoms of SARS are redness of the throat, runny nose, and fever. The main symptom of whooping cough is a severe cough. Today, hospitals specialize in different diseases. The 3rd infectious disease hospital has been prepared for those suffering from whooping cough, and the 2nd and 5th infectious diseases hospitals have been prepared for those suffering from measles," said Muattar Abdullayeva.

According to her, this disease is observed seasonally every year, and since the capital is considered a metropolis, there are many cases of the disease in the city. For this reason, measures are being taken to improve the quality of medical services and create additional places.

"As this is a seasonal disease, preparations begin in September. A headquarters has been established in the Ministry of Health and Regional Health Care Departments. The main activity of this headquarters is the prevention of this disease and the provision of qualified medical services to citizens suffering from the disease.
Today, more than 350 additional places have been opened in the city of Tashkent. Also, a place for patients has been reserved in Zangiota-1 hospital," she says.

Yesterday, Muattar Abdullayeva explained the Minister of Health's task to prepare 200 additional places in Zangiota district for the placement of children suffering from infectious respiratory diseases as follows:

"In the fall, there are diseases such as SARS, and in the summer, acute intestinal diseases." In such situations, additional beds were opened in Zangiota-1 hospital to bring patients from the area close to the hospital," she said.

It is known that in the event of a disease spreading among children, it is necessary to establish quarantine rules in schools.

"The activities of doctors and nurses have been established in every school. Each student is checked by them upon entering the school and admitted to the school. Among the children, those with a high temperature or symptoms of SARS are immediately sent back home," says Muattar Abdullayeva.

Usually, parents treat fever and a runny nose as a common cold and use usual antibiotics at home. According to the specialist, if such symptoms are observed in a child, it is necessary to contact the doctors of the medical brigade.

"Each family polyclinic has one medical brigade per 2,000 residents. Today, all of them provide high-quality medical services to the population. Every patient with a fever or a runny nose must first be taken to the family polyclinic in the district. I would ask the parents not to take any medical measures as they know. A family doctor sees each patient individually and treats them accordingly," says the deputy head of the department.

Taking into account the cooling of the air temperature and the beginning of the season of viral diseases, we recommend parents pay attention to their children. If the above symptoms are observed, do not self-medicate and consult a doctor. Also, do not forget to wear a mask and follow hygiene rules in public places as much as possible! Keep following QALAMPIR.UZ!


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