22 billion allocated for sports has been looted



Between 2019-2021, 22.3 billion soms of the funds allocated from the state budget for sports were looted.  This is reported by the office of the Procurator-General of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It was noted that implementation of the decisions of the president “On the program of development of sports-educational institutions until 2025” signed on 5 November 2021, and "On comprehensive training of Uzbek athletes for the XXXIII Summer Olympic Games and XVII Paralympic Games in Paris (France) in 2024" and other normative legal acts in the field studied in-state sports organizations and sports-educational institutions by the Office of Supervision over the implementation of legislation in the fields of sports, culture, Cultural heritage and tourism and its sub-branches.

Within the framework of the study, 127 inspections were carried out, 948 documents of prosecutor’s control were utilized, and 356 violation cases of rights were restored.
In addition, 463 facilities were surveyed and the damage in the amount of 26.1 billion soms was revealed.

During the inspection, the damage worth 9.8 billion soms was reimbursed and 65 criminal cases have initiated the cases of the violation of the legislation.

In particular, in 2019-2021:

• 6.4 billion soms in 19 cases allocated for the needs of sports and educational institutions;

• 11.8 billion soms in 17 cases for the construction and repair of sports facilities;

• 2.7 billion soms for the purchase of sports equipment in 6 cases;

• $ 1.4 billion som in 5 cases for missed training sessions were looted.

"With the participation of officials of the Ministry of Sports Development and the officials of the departments of the system, as well as the Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor General's Office Sh. Nazarov, violations of the system were discussed and specific measures were identified to eliminate them and prevent further”, - the statement of the Prosecutor General's Office said.


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