What number will Shomurodov play in his new club?



The captain of the national team of Uzbekistan, Eldor Shomurodov, played for the Italian club “Cagliari” under the number 61.  The club announced this on its Instagram page.

From the post published on “Cagliari” Instagram, you can find out that the Italian player Alessandro Deyola will play in the team number 14 in the new season.  So, Shomurodov will not be able to kick the ball in his favorite number in his new team.

For information, “Cagliari” announced the transfer of Shomurodov on July 27.  “Cagliari” leased the 29-year-old striker from Uzbekistan for 9 million euros, with the right to buy later.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of August, it was reported that another player from Uzbekistan, Otabek Shukurov, may continue his career in Italy.  Eldor Shomurodov’s former team “Genoa” is interested in Shukurov.


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