There was an earthquake in Samarkand



An earthquake measuring magnitude 4 struck the Samarkand region today, May 6, at 10:41 local time, according to the Republican Center for Seismological Prognostic Monitoring of the MES.

The quake's epicenter was located in the Urgut district of Samarkand region, with coordinates at 39.32 degrees north latitude and 67.46 degrees east longitude. It had a depth of 10 km and occurred 263 km southwest of Tashkent.

Reports indicate the following perceived intensities within the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  •  Urgut district: 2-3 points, 29 km from the epicenter.
  • Toyloq district: 2 points, 38 km away.
  • Kitob district: 2 points, 38 km away.
  • Bulungur district: 2 points, 45 km away.
  • Shahrisabz district: 2 points, 47 km away.
  • Samarkand district: 2 points, 51 km away.

Additionally, on May 5, an earthquake measuring 3.7 occurred in the Namangan region at 13:16 local time.


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