vIn Samarkand, there is a confrontation between an employee of the Internal Affairs Bodies and citizens



In Samarkand, a video depicting a confrontation between a citizen and an employee of the Internal Affairs Agency circulated on social networks. Jahangir Sadullayev, the head of the Information Service of the Internal Affairs Department, responded to the situation.

According to him, on November 20 of this year at 19:30, a citizen, M.R., residing in the "Bunyod" neighborhood of Samarkand city, called the "102" operator to report a fight in an apartment and requested the dispatch of a prevention inspector.

"Therefore, the prevention inspector from Internal Affairs Department No. 6 of the Samarkand City Coordination Department of Internal Affairs went to the citizen's residence. M.R., who had been previously convicted, along with his sister, husband, and brother, witnessed the quarrel and intervened in an attempt to stop it.
The citizens actively resisted the prevention inspector, hitting him in various places and causing physical injuries. They even broke the front window of the vehicle belonging to the Internal Affairs employee, resulting in material damage," the statement said.

Jahangir Sadullayev further mentioned that the incident scene has been appropriately inspected, and a criminal case has been initiated against the citizens under Part 2 of Article 219 of the Criminal Code (Resisting a representative of the authorities or a person performing his civic duty). One of the individuals involved was shot and detained in accordance with legal procedures.

Earlier, it was reported that an altercation occurred in the Sergeli district of Tashkent between a National Guard employee and a citizen who had discarded waste in an unspecified location. The violator fled the scene.


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