Additional information has been provided regarding Uzbek migrants detained in Russia



Earlier, it was reported that 45 Uzbeks working in Russia were arrested by the country's security forces. Out of these, 12 were taken to the police station for document verification.

The Foreign Labor Migration Agency of Uzbekistan has reviewed the situation and issued a statement.

According to the statement, 11 Uzbek citizens were detained during a raid on several construction sites in Voronezh, Voronezh region. They were taken to the police station to check compliance with migration laws. These individuals were fined for their expired work permits and were allowed temporary residence on the same day. One individual is being deported for working without any documentation.

The agency also clarified that the incident shown in the video occurred on June 7 of this year at the "Razvitie" construction site in Voronezh.

The statement urged Uzbeks temporarily working in Russia to adhere to local laws and regulations and avoid violating migration laws.


Rossiya o'zbekistonlik migratsiya

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