Uzbek individuals who committed crimes in Russia are cautioned against traveling to Kazakhstan



The Foreign Labor Migration Agency issued a statement advising citizens who have committed crimes in Russia and subsequently arrived in Uzbekistan to refrain from traveling to Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has implemented a new system in its border and internal affairs, based on agreements between the governments of Kazakhstan and Russia regarding the recognition and enforcement of decisions on administrative and criminal cases.

“Consequently, there have been recent instances of Uzbek citizens being arrested upon crossing into Kazakhstan after committing offenses in Russia. These individuals are being detained in correctional facilities until the Russian authorities make final decisions on their violations,” the report stated. 

On May 7, the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended its citizens ensure they have all necessary documentation when traveling to Kazakhstan, due to increased security measures at all Kazakh airports. Similarly, the Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised citizens to carry all essential documents when entering or leaving Kazakhstan.


Rossiya Qozog'iston O'zbekiston

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