Putin speaks openly about his interest in Uzbekistan and strategic objectives



Uzbekistan appeals to Russian investors due to its rapid development and political stability. Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed this to journalists at a press conference in Tashkent, following his state visit to Uzbekistan from May 26-28.

During the conference, Putin highlighted that Moscow could assist Tashkent with logistical challenges.

"Uzbekistan is of significant interest to Russia in terms of developing relations," Putin remarked. "The President of Uzbekistan has established an effective management system and a growing economic model, with the GDP increasing by 6 percent annually."

Putin noted that Russia could help address Uzbekistan's geographical challenges.

"Uzbekistan faces difficulties due to its lack of access to the sea and ocean. Together with regional partners, we can take steps to assist Uzbekistan in overcoming this logistical issue," he stated.

Putin also pointed out that Uzbekistan is the most populous country in the former Soviet Union after Russia, with a population of 37 million.

"The population of Uzbekistan grows by a million each year," Putin added.

The Russian President discussed future plans, stating:

"We have numerous joint projects in industrial cooperation, energy, and infrastructure. There are many questions and potential projects. We have established a $500 million fund for joint ventures, with Russia contributing $400 million. This underscores our significant interests," Putin said, candidly expressing his intentions.

He emphasized that beneficial projects could be pursued given Uzbekistan's political stability.


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