President Shavkat Mirziyoyev initiated the construction of a hydropower station in Surkhandarya



During his visit to the Surkhondarya region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev initiated the construction of a small hydropower station called "Zarchob-3," slated for operation on the Topalang River. The President's press service reported this development.

Today, on November 16, under President Mirziyoyev's direction, the foundation stone for the construction of the small hydroelectric power station "Zarchob-3" was laid.

The Zarchob-3 hydroelectric power plant, with a capacity of 16 megawatts, is expected to generate 70 million kilowatt hours of environmentally friendly electricity annually once operational. Moreover, by supplementing energy production during daylight hours, it functions as a stabilizer in the energy system. The cost of electricity from this source is also significantly cheaper compared to other sources.

As per the current system, river water under specific pressure is initially directed to the Topalang HPP. Subsequently, it powers the turbines at the nearby Zarchob stations.

Simultaneously, the private sector is provided ample opportunity to establish micro hydroelectric power plants, facilitated by favorable legal and economic conditions. Entrepreneurs interested in constructing small and micro hydroelectric power stations are offered a 20-year land lease, along with a state-guaranteed purchase system for the electricity they produce.

Additionally, in accordance with the President's decision on October 17, 2017, small power plants were also constructed on the Topalang River. Notably, the 37-megawatt "Zarchob-1" was completed in December 2020, followed by the 38-megawatt "Zarchob-2" in September 2021. Together, these plants currently provide enough electricity for 48,000 households.

It's worth noting that President Shavkat Mirziyoyev had previously visited the Topalang hydroelectric power station in the Surkhondarya region to oversee the modernization efforts.


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