An ambulance driver died in an accident in Namangan



An ambulance, with two drivers and a paramedic, was involved in a traffic accident in Namangan. As a result, one driver died, as reported by the regional Health Department.

Yesterday, on November 26, the driver of the Chortoq district ambulance, Alikhan branch N.A., passed a medical examination and was released to work in good health. The technical condition of the ambulance was good. Driver N.A., after taking duty, and paramedic T.H. went to the emergency medical center of Chortoq district from Alikhan branch to get medicine. Another driver, I.S., left voluntarily to come to the center on the way.

According to information, while passing through the village of Lower Karabagh, the passenger car Damas, which was moving in front of it, suddenly stopped. When the ambulance driver swerved to avoid a traffic accident, he collided with an oncoming Cobalt.

As a result, the ambulance driver N.A. I.S., the driver's partner who was sitting next to him, was seriously injured and was taken to the emergency medical hospital of Chortoq district. In the hospital, N.A. received emergency care but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

Another driver, I.S., was admitted to the hospital with a "closed brain injury, laceration of the forehead area," and his current condition is satisfactory. Paramedic T. H. was not injured.

"Regarding the above situation, it should be mentioned that the sanitary car was in bad technical condition, and it was an unfortunate accident of road transport," the report says.

Let us remind you that earlier we reported that four people were killed when an ISUZU truck hit a Damas parked at a traffic light in the Uchkoprik district of the Fergana region.


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