Mufti Nuriddin Kholiqnazarov was granted membership in the International Council



Mufti Nuriddin Khaliqnazarov participated in the Council of Muslim Scholars meeting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on February 9, as reported by the Muslim Office's information service.

According to the report, Sheikh Ahmed Tayyib, the Chairman of the Council of Muslim Scholars and Chief Imam of Egypt's al-Azhar complex, announced the decision to admit the head of the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan to the council during the session.

Mr. Ahmed Tayyib highlighted in his speech that Mufti Kholiqnazarov is the sole representative from Central Asia among the council's members, as stated in the office's report.

Additionally, esteemed scholars attending the meeting expressed that Mufti Kholiqnazarov's inclusion in the Council of Muslim Wise Men marks a significant moment in history.

It's worth noting that following the passing of Osmankhan Alimov, who led the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan for 15 years until October 19, 2021, Nuriddin Kholiqnazarov, previously serving as the chief imam-khatib of Tashkent city, assumed the leadership role. Prior to this appointment, he had already become a member of the International Council of Muslim Scholars.


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