In order not to lose Malibu, a man paid his debts to the Enforcement Bureau



In Andijan region, a citizen who was about to lose his Malibu car, paid off both his debt of 126 million, and 5 administrative fines at once.  KALAMPIR.UZ was informed about this by the Press Service of the Enforcement Bureau.

It is noted that based on an executive document of the Yakkasaray inter-district court on civil cases, it was determined that a loan debt of 126,720,533 soms be collected from the debtor R.U.  The Jalakuduq District Department of the Bureau initiated enforcement proceedings and informed the parties about it.

Due to the fact that the debtor R.U did not pay the debt within the specified period, enforcement actions were initiated and it was found that he had a Malibu motor vehicle in his name.  He paid the debt of 126,720,533 soms in full while the executive actions were being carried out.

Also, a fine of 2,100,000 soms had been applied to the debtor due to non-timely execution of the requirements of the executive document.  This was fully recovered.

In addition, as a result of the legal explanations, the debtor R.U paid 5 administrative fines for violating traffic rules.

Concurrently, R.U paid off all his debts and saved the Malibu car from being written off.



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