The name of the “Culture and Enlightenment” TV channel will remain unchanged

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Earlier, a draft decision on the transformation of the “Madaniyat va Marifat” TV channel into the “Karvon” TV channel was announced.  This raised many discussions among the public.  The Minister of Culture and Tourism Ozodbek Nazarbekov announced that the name of the TV channel will not change.

“This draft decision was enthusiastically welcomed by the public and caused wide discussions on social networks.  The opinions about the “Madaniyat va Marifat” TV channel, which trended during the week, revealed the pains accumulated in the hearts of our nation’s intellectuals and TV creators,” the minister said.

Nazarbekov stated that in this wave of performances he determined the following:

•    Not to change the name of the TV channel;
•    Preservation and development of scientific-educational, literary-artistic projects;
•    Finding a solution to the issue of the material and technical base;
•    Solving the issue of decent remuneration for work;
•    Feature and documentary films, in general, issues related to the broadcasting of media products of all genres.

“These and other related issues should be resolved step by step, and in these processes, I believe that it is necessary for the whole team to unite and show the determination shown in the field of debate in the field of work as well.  After all, as representatives of this country and people, we all unite for a common goal – to raise the nation and contribute to the development of the country,” said the Minister of Culture and Tourism.


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