Wanted Uzbek was apprehended in Jalolobod



Kyrgyz law enforcement detained a 42-year-old Uzbek individual who unlawfully entered their territory by crossing the border. This information was disclosed by the press office of the Internal Affairs Department of Jalolobod region.

It's mentioned that operatives from the Internal Affairs Department of Jalolobod region received intel about a citizen from a neighboring nation who had illegally crossed the border into the city. Law enforcement initiated a search.

The report states that U.A., a 42-year-old Uzbek national, was apprehended. He had been wanted in Uzbekistan since 2023 for committing a serious offense in Jalolobod city.

This incident falls under the charge of "Illegal border crossing" as per the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. The detained individual has been placed in temporary custody, and investigations are ongoing.


Jalolobod Qirg'iziston

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