In Kashkadarya, a pharmacist selling psychotropic drugs was apprehended



In the Kashkadarya region, it was discovered that a pharmacy attendant sold potent medication to a buyer without proper documentation. This information was relayed by the Department under the General Prosecutor's Office.

According to reports, "N.F.", a pharmacy attendant affiliated with LLC, was apprehended while selling 100 units of "Zardeks" medication to a customer without appropriate documentation. Additionally, another 60 potent drugs were seized from this pharmacy as physical evidence.

Furthermore, during a joint operation involving officers from Safety Service of State and Department of Internal Affairs, it was revealed that a previously convicted individual was harboring a potent drug called "Regapin" at an apartment on Qorasuv Street, Yashnabad district. A total of 392 units of this drug were confiscated as material evidence from the location.

Likewise, during a prompt operation in Uchtepa, "Q.Ph.", an unauthorized vendor at a pharmacy owned by LLC, was apprehended for selling 50 units of the potent drug "Reduksin" to a citizen without a doctor's recommendation.

Currently, it's reported that criminal proceedings have been initiated concerning these incidents under relevant sections of the Criminal Code, with investigations underway.

It's worth noting that a pharmacy selling potent drugs had been previously uncovered in the Almazor district of Tashkent city.


Qashqadaryo psixotrop dorilar aptekachi

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