Aunt of girls oppressed by their father, takes custody of them in Kashkadarya



After their mother's death in the Kashkadarya region, the girls' aunt took custody of her nieces, who had been oppressed by their father, as reported by the Children's Ombudsman.

A working group conducted a thorough investigation to determine which relative could provide the girls with suitable living and educational conditions.

Following a decision by the mayor of Karshi, the girls' aunt, Q.D., was officially appointed as their guardian.

“Q.D. was given responsibility for the care, education, and overall well-being of her nieces, M.Sh. (born in 2008) and N.Sh. (born in 2010). This includes their physical, mental, spiritual, and moral development, as well as the protection of their rights and legal interests,” the report stated. 

It is worth noting that in early March, following their mother's death, M.Sh.'s sister reported being oppressed by their father. By May, the Children's Ombudsman revealed that a working group had investigated the allegations of physical and psychological abuse against the sisters.



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