Why did Islam Karimov declare 9 May a Day of Memory and Honor? (video)



Uzbekistan has been celebrating the Day of Memory and Honor since 9 May 1999, the day of Germany’s defeat in World War II and the end of the war on the Western Front.  The initiative to name this day belongs to the First President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov.

In his speech on 9 May 1999, Islam Karimov explained why the historic date was named Day of Memory and Honor.  The Islam Karimov Foundation published footage of this historic speech.

“Why did we declare 9 May the Day of Memory and Honor? By saying ‘Memory’, we mean remembering our ancestors in this transient world, praying for their souls and continuing their good deeds.  This is an ancient value of our people.  There is no future for a nation that has no memory, that forgets its history and does not value its ancestors.  The history of humankind confirms this fact.  ‘Honor’ means remembering and giving due respect to our selfless compatriots who courageously defended our Motherland, freedom, and the independence of our people, their freedom and a prosperous life for centuries”, – Islam Karimov said.

For reference, the Presidential Decree of 2 March 1999 declared the 9 May as the Day of Memory and Honor.


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