Gulnora Karimova's former cottage is put up for sale again

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The State Asset Management Agency has once again put the “Sijjak” recreation center up for sale on its electronic auction site, located in the Bustanlyk district of the Tashkent region.

The total area of the camp is 5.38 hectares, and the area of buildings and structures - is 4,039.56 square meters.  On the territory of the complex, there are hotel buildings, several swimming pools, an amphitheater, a cottage, a water tower, and other facilities.

The initial price of the complex is 70 billion 68 million soms, the amount of the deposit is 5% - 3.5 billion soms.  Applications are accepted until 09:00am on 7 November.

The “Sijjak” recreation center has been up for sale three times previously: in June 2020, April 2021, and April 2022.

For reference, the “Sijjak” recreation base belonged to Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.  The camp has a hotel, several swimming pools, an amphitheater, cottages, and other facilities.  On 10 February 2017, the criminal court of the Tashkent region imposed sanctions on the camp.

The camp was later to be transferred to the Triathlon Federation of Uzbekistan for use as a training base.  In this connection, a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers has been drawn up.

Sunnatilla Abdullayev Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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